About Mindbuild

Hello there,

I’m M. F. Faruqi, CEO of Mindbuild Design Studio. I won’t waste your time with some corporate babbling, it’ll just be a friendly chat.

We basically started as a software development company by the name of Mindbuilt Technologies (mindbuilt.com.) Our first software “Mindbuilt Attendance & Project Tracker” (developed using MS Visual Studio) was launched in 2004. It was a flop and didn’t sell much. We then started work on another software “e-Collaboration Suite” based upon PHP/MySQL (around 2006.) We couldn’t complete it due to funds limitations (in Pakistan there’s no concept of venture capital or angel investors.) Those ventures flopped but at least they gave us an edge in web technologies. To sustain our operations we undertook website design and development work and over time emerged as a boutique website development company offering complete website designing and hosting solutions.

We were lucky that we got some early corporate clients. Over time their employees and data grew. Initially we were only providing shared hosting solutions. But when their email data grew to hundreds of GBs we had to cater to dedicated/virtual private servers. We’re now managing many dedicated servers/VPSs catering to a wide variety of corporate clients.

So now we’ve transitioned from a software development company to a website design/development/hosting company. We’ve accumulated years of experience in website designing as well as managing Linux servers.

If you’re interested in any of:

  • Designing next generation websites for your business.
  • Setting up Industrial Grade Extremely Fast Caching Web Servers.
  • Setting up Industrial Grade Email Servers.

Just send us a message through our contact form or email us at support@mindbuild.com.  Maybe Mindbuild becomes the company which can hit it out of the park for you.


Thanks for your visit.


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